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Built up over many years Kingsway Print has introduced a range of processes to both mark and print directly on to plastic, metal, wood, ceramics, glass - even leather products and have added services such as assembly and packing to provide our customers with a complete service.

Whether using pad/tampo machines or newer technologies such as digital or laser marking we have an extensive range of techniques available to meet the needs of various industry applications including medical devices, manufacturing, automotive, promotional items, injection moulding, electronic devices and many more.

Pad/Tampo Printing

Pad Printing

Pad printing is the most versatile of component printing processes and is able to apply finely detailed images on both flat and curved products on a wide range of materials including plastics, coated surfaces, metals and glass.

We have a large range of machines from small size printers to larger servo driven equipment. These large format pad printing machines use bigger cliché plates than are commonly used by the subcontract pad printing industry and can therefore accommodate bulkier components and larger print areas.

Using our multicolour pad printing machines enables us to print up to 5 colours in a single pass, with precise colour registration guaranteed.

Industrial Digital Printing

Industrial Digital Printing

Recently added to our range these flatbed digital machines allow for the printing directly on products from a computer image.

We have print areas of 420 x 300mm that can hold either large size items or multiple products and can accommodate products up to 300mm in height.

They are ideal for short run applications to reduce setup costs, no plates or ink mixing needed, or for larger runs of full colour printing.

Laser Marking, Cutting & Engraving

Laser Marking

Kingsway Printers have invested in two different types of laser machine to cover nearly all materials.

The CO2 laser has a bed size of 1000 x 600mm and can engrave on materials such as wood, glass, leather, anodised aluminium and plastics. It is also ideal for cutting acrylics and laser plywood.

The YAG fibre laser is more designed for marking metals and plastics and has the added advantage of being fitted with a rotary fixture allowing the printing of cylindrical items.


With our extensive warehouse and production facility we can store large batches of parts until required and we also offer an assembly and packing service.